From seedling to full-blown agency

Today, Produce Results boasts a team of fresh, creative designers, inspired writers, technology experts and knowledgeable marketing professionals capable of cultivating far-reaching marketing solutions for today’s marketplace. But our full-blown agency didn’t start out that way. The seed to our company was planted more than a decade ago 1,500 miles away from our current Denton, Texas location.

Picture it: Southern California, circa 2000. Teen idols still ruled the airwaves, cell phones were used only to call people and the dot-com heyday was drawing to a close. It was a time of sunshine and rainbows when seventeen-year-old gamers were CTOs with corner offices, but the tides soon turned. When companies that had gained notoriety and a fortune during the dot-com heyday started going bankrupt, our founder, Scott Poliseno (who also had his fun during the dot-com boom), knew he needed a backup plan. It was when he made this realization that he and his wife Melissa, a freelance graphic designer, joined forces and opened a boutique design studio. It didn’t take long for their list of services and two-person team to grow into a full-blown, fully staffed ad agency offering comprehensive marketing solutions for the 21st Century.