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Everybody is on Facebook. This groundbreaking social platform has revolutionized the way in which we connect with one another. Gone are the days when it was viewed to be the latest social craze members of Generation Y used to post photos and status updates about their Spring Break trips to Panama City.

This social platform shows no sign of loosening its grip on the world, so it’s important for your business to harness its power and connect with current and future customers. At Produce Results, we have a tried-and-true way of communicating with your audience and helping businesses exponentially increase their number of followers.


Facebook Questions? We’re here to help you out!



At Produce Results, we’ve developed a way to truly harness the power of Facebook to enable you to exponentially increase your number of followers and have a wider audience hear your messages.


It’s easy to post on Facebook, but sometimes it’s difficult to find the right things to say. At Produce Results, we’re full of fresh ideas that will help you truly engage with your core audience.


Regardless of if your goals are to grow your Facebook audience or cultivate a library of engaging content on your page, the Produce Results team is well versed in delivering whatever you need.


From designing cover photos and tabs to implementing our LikeBoost application, our Facebook services are designed to do just what our name says – produce results.


Explosively grow your Facebook audience by up to 12,000 Likes in just 30 days!

Our unique Facebook application and growth program will push you to be the social leader in your market. We have harnessed the power of Cause Marketing to help you help others, and aggressively grow your audience at the same time.

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Exponentially grow your audience

To help our clients take advantage of the full power of Facebook, our agency designed a custom voting application, LikeBoost, that operates exclusively on Facebook. LikeBoost is easy to use, has a simple process and takes advantage of the soft spot people have in their hearts for good causes.

First, nominate contestants to win prizes for a good cause and notify them. Second, tell the contestants to spread the word about the contest and encourage their followers to “like” your page and vote daily. Third, watch contestant activists become advocates for the cause and create viral activity!

Advertising Options

Communicating to the right people

What’s great about running advertisements on Facebook is the fact that it offers highly tailored methods that ensure you communicate your messages to the right people.

Using the information people provide (e.g., location, interests, pages liked, games played, etc.), Facebook delivers your ad to people in your targeted location whose interests line up with your products and services. Facebook ads are powerful tools, and we’ll be sure to take care of all the behind-the-scenes technicalities so you don’t have to.

SEO Benefits

Improved ranking

A high level of activity from social media outlets is crucial factor when it comes to improving offsite search engine optimization. It tells search engines like Google that you are a major player in your specific area of expertise. How so, you ask?

Facebook “likes” and “shares” are like red flags to search engines. These actions tell search engines that of people like what you have to say. If enough people “like” what you’re saying, Google will place increased value to your site and improve your ranking. Allow Produce Results to help you improve your ranking!



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Case Study: Share the Love

Texas Coalition for Animal Protection

TCAP grew an audience on their own through paid Facebook advertising but were growing frustrated with their Cost Per Like and how slow the growth was taking. After talking to us, they used likeboost for contests to donate to shelters, rescues and nonprofits in their service area. Those viral contests not only helped them tremendously cultivate the awareness of their mission and services, but also grow their page “likes” at a rate that all the paid ads couldn’t possibly buy. As they have grown their service area, so have they have grown their Facebook page to almost 40,000 “likes” and improved their Cost Per Like by over 40%.

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