If you haven’t joined the Twitter conversation, you need to.

There are millions of people, including people in your core audience, who have joined the conversation – countless conversations, in fact – on Twitter. If you have not already joined the club, you need to. It’s more beneficial than you may think.

It’s not hard for some people to view Twitter as just another one of the myriad of social media platforms to keep up with. You’re a business, and you’ve other matters to worry about other than pondering about what, when and where to post. But there’s a great deal of value in Twitter, and the social media team at Produce Results can help you discover it by engaging the right people.


Twitter Questions? We’re here to help you out!



At Produce Results, we have a method to help you truly harness the power of Twitter to allow you to increase your number of followers and improve your online presence.


It’s easy to post on Twitter, but sometimes it’s difficult to find the right things to tweet about. At Produce Results, we’re full of fresh ideas that will help you truly engage with your core audience.


ERegardless of if your goals are to grow your Twitter audience or cultivate a library of engaging content on your Twitter page, the Produce Results team is well versed in delivering whatever you need. 


From formulating a sound social direction to allowing you to enhance engagement, our Twitter services are designed to do just what our name says – produce results.



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Our Approach

Tweeting for success

We’ve been on the Twittersphere for a while now, and we’ve seen some of the tweets businesses post on a regular basis. Some are great, while others could use some fine-tuning and better direction.

Your Twitter followers care mainly about what you can provide for them; not necessarily how your day is going or what your random thought for the day is. At Produce Results, we take the time to plan a variety of tweets pertaining to your company’s offerings, complete with popular hashtags, retweets and replies.

Advertising Options

Promoting what you post

Advertising on Twitter is more sophisticated than you might imagine. You don’t just create a banner ad and slap on the platform’s sidebar. You’re able to target the right people and connect with them in a way that’s relevant to them.

How, you ask? By setting up promoted tweets and/or promoted accounts, of course! If Twitter is a seed you’d like to plan for your business, our social media team can cultivate meaningful promoted tweets or accounts to put your business’s messages in front of the right people.

SEO Benefits

Tweeting for ranking

Search engines like Google are constantly coming up with new ways to integrate social media into their search results. This means Twitter has the potential to positively affect your offsite search engine optimization.

Vague tweets are a waste of time and energy. Only focused, relevant and meaningful tweets with links to your site, the appropriate hashtags and mentions will prompt your followers to engage. Increased engagement and ties to your site ups your site’s potential to rank higher within search engines.