What’s so interesting about Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the most unique social media sites available today, and it has become a part of everyday conversation. “Oh, I saw it on Pinterest,” or “I saw this thing on Pinterest I have to try!” are phrases you hear almost on a daily basis.

There are millions of people on this social site who explore a myriad of interests, “pin” products they like and share what they find with others. This site offers companies a wealth of opportunities for making their products and services known to a wider audience. At Produce Results, we can help your business use this powerful social site to spread awareness and generate buzz.



Pinterest Questions? We’re here to help you out!



At Produce Results, we have a method to help you truly take advantage of all Pinterest has to offer, which will allow you to increase your number of followers and improve your online presence.


The process of posting is easy on, but sometimes it’s difficult to find the right things to say. At Produce Results, we’re full of fresh ideas that will help you truly engage with your core audience.


Regardless of if your goals are to grow your audience with relevant “pins” or cultivate a library of engaging content on your boards, our team is well versed in delivering whatever you need.


From formulating a sound social direction to optimizing your “pins” for improved SEO, our Pinterest services are designed to do just what our name says – produce results.



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Our Approach

Establishing a sound presence

To get your business started on Pinterest, we’ve got a simple approach: establish a sound presence from the very beginning to make your page credible and professional.

Our social media team will fit your business with a striking profile, verify your website within your Pinterest account and create a collection of organized boards. Once these preliminary seeds have been planted, you are ready to starting pinning and cultivating a collection of relevant content followers will love.

What to Post

Strategic “pinning”

Just like it is with every other social media outlet, content is king on Pinterest. This means it’s essential to post, or “pin,” fresh and relevant content on a regular basis.

To cultivate your business’s presence on Pinterest, it’s important to post a variety of content pertaining to your brand complete with descriptions and links that direct back to related pages within your website. We’d be glad to pin for you or simply give you direction

SEO Benefits

Helping you improve SEO

All facets of a company’s online presence play a role in Your company’s activity on its various social media pages affects how search engines rank your site. With Pinterest, there are several ways we can help cultivate your website’s offsite SEO.

From embedding links and utilizing popular, relevant hashtags to pinning fresh content with keyword-rich descriptions and captions, our social media team is well versed in optimizing Pinterest accounts for improved SEO.