Google Plus: it’s more than just another social media site.

Relatively new in the grand scheme of social media, Google Plus may seem like just another social platform to constantly update and amass a loyal following. However, Google Plus has gained a lot of traction in recent years and is every bit as popular and user friendly as big-time players in the game like Facebook.

There are more than one billion users on Google Plus, more than 500 million of whom regularly utilize it on a monthly basis. Approximately 70% of brands have a presence on this social media platform. Is yours among them? Whether you’re on Google Plus or not, our social media team can help your company benefit from this powerful site.

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Google+ Questions? We’re here to help you out!



At Produce Results, we have a method to help you truly take advantage of all Google Plus has to offer, which will allow you to increase your number of followers and improve your online presence.


The process of posting is easy, but sometimes it’s difficult to find the right things to say. At Produce Results, we’re full of fresh ideas that will help you truly engage with your core audience.


Regardless of if your goals are to grow your Google Plus circle or cultivate a library of engaging content on your page, the Produce Results team is well versed in delivering whatever you need.


From formulating a sound social direction to allowing you to enhance engagement within your circles, our Google Plus services are designed to do just what our name says – produce results.



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Our Approach

Brand consistency

At Produce Results, we like to use Google Plus in conjunction with other social media sites to help you grow your online presence and further cultivate your brand.

To be successful, your Google Plus page must be consistent with your brand image. This being the case, the social media team at Produce Results will help you decide which profile and cover photos best represent your brand and devise a comprehensive posting plan with relevant content. Using tools such as Hangouts and Events as well as being active in Communities helps to sow the seeds of your brand on this platform.

What to Post

Relevant, engaging, insightful

Just like it is with every other social media outlet, it is simply not fruitful to post random and irrelevant content on your Google Plus page. If you do, it takes away from your credibility as a top player in your specific industry.

We’ll make sure you remain a credible player in your area of expertise by helping you cultivate a posting regimen for your page and relevant communities and establish hangouts and events.

SEO Benefits

Give your ranking a boost

The world’s most popular and recognizable search engine owns Google Plus, so there are naturally a field of benefits that come along with this social media site when it come to search engine optimization.

Our social media team knows several ways to improve your SEO using Google Plus. From embedding links and using relevant keywords in posts to cultivating relationships with your followers, Produce Results can help your brand harness the benefits of Google Plus.