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Everyone, including the people in your target audience, is online. If you aren’t currently running ads on online platforms, how do you plan to spread the word about your business’s awesome products and services? That’s where Produce Results’s online advertising experts come into play.

It’s not enough to create ads and run them on as many sites as possible. There has to be some sense of rhyme and reason to the ad development and placement for an online advertising campaign. The Produce Results team is well versed in creating custom online advertising campaigns designed to keep your brand top of mind and relevant in the eyes of your core audience.

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For online advertising, a boring banner ad simply will not do. We are known to create fresh ads that are sure to make your audience want to know more.


We don’t throw things together. The Produce Results team takes the time to devise a comprehensive plan that fits the client’s brand image and unique voice.  


Implementing the best copy writing, design and voice talent in the industry, so that your campaign is memorable and productive.


We are known to secure spots on various online platforms that your core audience frequents so they will hear your message at the right time.


Campaign Development

A look into our process

Sometimes we see online ads and think, “Wow, those look awful.” At Produce Results, we painstakingly strive to never let anyone think that about any of our online ads. So for every new online campaign, our team crams into our conference room, usually with lots of caffeine, and meets to discuss the project at hand. We take into account all the client’s specifications, needs and requests and devise a plan we believe will produce the best results.

Media Buying

Buying where the people are

Great-looking ads have next to no power if they are placed within online media that have little pull to attract your target audience. We take a close look at where the most people are online and place our clients’ online ads accordingly. From social media and streaming music application ads to email marketing, we can procure the proper media to ensure the right people see your online advertising.

Performance Tracking

Keeping an eye out for results

So, your campaign has been designed and implemented. Your ads are running through the selected online media. Now what? At this point, it’s time to take a look at performance results. As your company’s online campaign runs its course, we will keep tabs on its performance using the various media’s tracking tools and reports. We use the findings to further cultivate your campaign to produce the results you desire. 

Case Study: First in Texas

First State Bank

As part of the overall direct-response campaign for First State Bank, we chose to run online advertisements on select online outlets in and around their local market. We ran a variety of online advertisements focused on new client acquisition for deposit accounts, business loans, new mortgages and refinances. We tracked the monthly responses and improved results by focusing the budget on the ads that produced the greatest results.

First State Bank has trusted our marketing expertise for years, and the proof is in their growth. In a global recession, with our help they have continued to expand and open up new branches continually. We continue to shape and re-shape our online advertising approach for them, and have some exciting new programs ready very soon.

NCTC – Pandora Radio Spot Version 1

NCTC – Pandora Radio Spot Version 2




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