Grow your Facebook audience by up to 12,000 Likes in just 30 days!

You read that right… We have done it time after time. Our unique Facebook application and growth program will push you over the top, so you can be the social leader in your market. Everybody’s on Facebook, and we’re harnessing the power of Cause Marketing to help you help others, and aggressively grow your audience at the same time.

LikeBoost is our proprietary application created to explosively grow your Facebook audience.

How it works:

  1. You nominate contestants to win prizes (cash and/or services), notify them of their entry and how the contest will work.
  2. The nominees spread the word about the contest and send everybody to “like” your page to vote daily.
  3. Throughout the contest, the nominee activists become advocates for you, creating intense activity and social results!

What you get:

  • Our Award-Winning Facebook App
  • Custom Graphic Design
  • Desktop and Mobile Versions
  • Catchy, Memorable Contest Name
  • Web Domain for Marketing
  • Web Hosting for the App
  • SSL Web Security Certificate
  • 100 Printed Marketing Flyers
  • Contest Terms & Conditions
  • Technical Support


The Future of Cause Marketing

In 2013, over $1.78 Billion was spent on Cause Sponsorship according to an IEG Sponsorship Report, and it is trending upward of 7% each year. This is because the market demands it – in fact, AdAge reports that 83% of  consumers want you to support causes.

The landscape of commerce is changing, and the public is expecting corporate responsibility as the new standard. If you don’t jump on board now, you’ll be chasing your competitors in the very near future. We find that most businesses are donating to charitable causes anyway, so we have created an opportunity to harness your charity into an immensely powerful tool.


Why we created LikeBoost

We have developed a solution that brings Cause Marketing to anyone’s Facebook fan page – from mom and pop shops to national enterprises and everything in between. LikeBoost has enabled over $100,000 to be donated nationwide, and is growing quickly.

LikeBoost lets you tailor your audience so that you grow with local, targeted groups of people who become immediate brand advocates for you. It has tremendous PR value, and an immediate SEO impact on your website. In addition, it helps you grow your audience by leaps and bounds, creating a perpetual marketing channel for just a one-time cost!

LikeBoost Questions? We’re here to help you out!

Ready to Grow? Get Started

Dramatically increase your number of followers!

Quickly cultivate growth in local, quality passionate people. Local contestants will encourage “likes” and “shares” in your specific market.


Cause Marketing is the best publicity around.

Cause Marketing campaigns are memorable! The community will thank you for your benevolence, and remember it for years to come.


Give your website immediate search engine results.

Facebook “likes” are absolutely the largest factor in Google rankings. Growing your audience shows Google you are popular and relevant.


Quickly establish a permanent marketing channel.

Your fans stick with you, which means that you can engage them perpetually into the future for just a one-time cost!



Case Study: First State Bank

First in Community

First State Bank requested us to grow their new Facebook page to 700 or more “likes.” Using likeboost, we helped them grow to over 12,000 “likes” in just 30 days. They also received a marketing award thanks to likeboost, along with national recognition by the Independent Community Bankers of America ranking them 4th nationwide in social media .

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Case Study: Dickies Clothing

Built to Work

Dickies hired us to help them generate social buzz through their support for the Military and the American workforce. With contests such as “American Hero of the Year” and the “Built to Work Contest” featuring MLB pitcher R.A. Dickey, we were able to help them engage and grow their audience. We have created many custom-designed and developed contests and programs for them, which has helped them grow from less than 250,000 to almost one million Facebook “likes” today!

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Case Study: Texas Coalition for Animal Protection

Share the Love

TCAP grew an audience on their own through paid Facebook advertising but were growing frustrated with their Cost Per Like and how slow the growth was taking. After talking to us, they used likeboost for contests to donate to shelters, rescues and nonprofits in their service area. Those viral contests not only helped them tremendously cultivate the awareness of their mission and services, but also grow their page “likes” at a rate that all the paid ads couldn’t possibly buy. As they have grown their service area, so have they have grown their Facebook page to almost 40,000 “likes” and improved their Cost Per Like by over 40%.

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Case Study: Sunset Blvd Animal Clinic

Love to the Rescue

Since Sunset changed to a 24/7 business model, they wanted to spread their new message of being “Always Open” for both emergency and routine services. Using likeboost to achieve that mission has helped to not only grow their Facebook audience to over 11,500 “likes,” but also cement them in the Houston community as a leading champion and supporter of pet rescues. Sunset is an industry leader in social media marketing!

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